Kik vs. Snapchat. Which to Choose; Maybe Both?

Kik vs. Snapchat. Which to Choose; Maybe Both?

kik or snapIf you are planning on signing up for an instant messaging platform, you would certainly want to be sure that you get the best that the industry can offer. You know that the mobile instant messaging platforms presently crowded with tons of options as far as messaging apps go. So, you have decided to compare some of them to see which ones are going to be a good choice for you and your instant messaging needs.

With Snapchat and Kik being two of the most popular instant messaging option among mobile users today, you want to face the two off. You want to see which one it is that should be well worth downloading and then using on your mobile device. So, now comes the moment of truth.


Why choose Snapchat

Two-way video chat: If you are the kind that loves being able to see the people that you are chatting to, then this is certainly a huge plus for you. This means that you can get to see the people that you are chatting with, a feature that is absent on Kik.

Cloud-synced: The data that you have amassed on the platform is saved to the cloud. This means that it would be easier for you to access these data across varicose types of devices. This also makes it easier for you to get the data backed up on the regular if you may lose the device.

Temporary texts: This is a feature that allows you to send text messages with an expiration date. If you do not like the idea of having your messages being saved on the recipient’s phone until they decide to delete them. This is certainly one very attractive feature of the messaging platform for you. The message will self-destruct after a certain period, so it is not going to be kept on your recipient’s phone forever.

Optimized for tablets: The app has a version where it is optimized for those that prefer to use tablets instead of the regular mobile phone. This ensures that the users get to enjoy a better snapchat imgexperience than having to use an app that has been designed for a phone on a tablet.

Has a gallery for media files: This means that you will have a library for the files that you have uploaded which makes it easier for you to search for them later. Since all the files are placed in a single location, getting them organized for better access is easily done as well.

Has an option to sign in through Facebook: In this day and age where almost everyone has a Facebook account, it is real convenient to be able to sign up for the messaging platform using your social media account. There are a lot of people who might prefer this sign in option because it is certainly faster and it saves them from having to fill out a registration form.

Send and caption videos: This is probably the number one reasons why Snapchat is very popular these days. People can send videos and then caption them and tweak them to make them funny, perky, and fun. If you are sending photos, you can even doodle on them which certainly make it more fun and interesting to the users.


Why choose Kik

Two-way option: A lot of users d like this feature of the fact where you must need to add a contact and that contact also has to add you back for him or you to start messaging each other. A lot of users find this really good because it makes it easy to prevent strangers from sending any message to you.

Smaller app size: Many people are often wary of having to add a new app to their phone due to the amount of space that it is likely going to take up. With Kik, expect that it is only going to take up such a small amount of space. So, there is certainly no need for you to have to worry that it will slow down the phone once installed.

Live-typing: it is sometimes frustrating when you do not know when someone is likely going to reply to a message that you have sent especially if it is an urgent one. With Kik, you will know if someone you are talking to is typing a response. So, you would know when to expect a message from them.

kik logoAvailable for PC: While a lot of people that use these messaging apps opt to use them due to how easy they are for those on the go messaging needs, there are also those that would also like to be able to access it when they are sat down in from of their PCs. Thankfully, for Kik, it can be downloaded on the PC too.

Notifications can be switched off: if you think that there is a specific time of the day that you might want to concentrate on doing something and would prefer not to be disturbed by a constant barrage of notifications from your Kik account about messages and other reminders, you have the choices to get them switched off. So, you can be sure that you will not be disturbed at this specific time that you have set.

Built-in browser: Ever annoyed with having to get out of your instant messaging app to access the browser when there is something that you need to search? Not anymore. The app has a built-in browser so you can simply type your query in there and expect excellent search results without any need to have to get out of the app.

From all these things that both the applications offer, it is safe to say that they do have their upsides and their downsides. At the end of the day, it is your priority when it comes to instant messaging that will prevail. You will need to consider your preferences as well. Then, choosing the right one should be a breeze.

Of course, you can always choose both! 🙂


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