3 Kik Friends Secrets That You Will love

3 Kik Friends Secrets That You Will love

kik friendIf you enjoy chatting with your friends and making new ones, without having to pay a huge fee, Kik is one of the recent apps that can help. Kik messenger is an easy-to-use app that offers a ton of different features and lets you chat with anyone around the world, that too, free of cost.
Whether you are new to Kik or have already made thousands of friends through it, you can still impress all of your friends with a few Kik secrets that not many of them know. More than often, developers include tiny secrets which are hard to find but you may stumble on them at some point in time yourself.
Here are the top three Kik Friend secrets you will love:

#1-Using Kik Logo in Your Messages

One of the coolest secrets to amaze your Kik friends is that you can use the Kik logo in your messages. Not many Kik users know about this but the messenger app added an emoji for its users. Although this makes sense when promoting the brand, the feature still stays hidden under the radar. Here’s how you can use it:
1. Open up a new or existing conversation. If you want to test it out, type in your name in the friend finder and tap to start a chat.
2. Type in “(KIK)” without the quotation marks. You won’t really see it change until you send the message.
3. After pressing ‘send’ you will notice that the word turns into a Kik logo.

#2-Reading Messages Without Showing ‘R’

Say a Kik friend just messaged you and you want to read it but without showing that you did. There are two ways to do this:
1. Once you receive a message from one of your Kik friends, depending on your phone, click the appropriate buttons to open up screenshots of all apps. This can usually be done with the home key and you probably have done this when multi-tasking. Once the screenshots appear you can read the Kik message here and go back to the home screen without ever showing that you read the message.
2. Another way to do this is by turning on the airplane mode after you receive a message. Reading messages in airplane mode cuts off all your data/internet connections and eliminates any chances of your Kik friends knowing that you are reading their messages.

#3-Tricking People into Thinking You Are Typing

This Kik secret tricks your friends into thinking that you are typing a message for them when you are really not. You might have noticed that when Kik Friends are typing messages, it says “ABC is typing…..” at the top.
The secret here is pretty simple – change your display name. Follow these instructions:
1. Open Kik messenger settings
2. Go to ‘Your Account’
3. Tap on ‘name’ and change your last name to ‘is typing…..’

Now whenever kik friends will want to text you, they will already find you typing and will be left super-confused until you really text themKikraises a few eyebrows and a few grins, contingent upon what features you’re discussing on this innovative application. All things considered, Kik ambassador should just be utilized by grown-ups and the youngsters who can recognize the distinction between messaging individuals independently, with gatherings, and inside a long range interpersonal communication condition. Kik adds a kick to “antiquated messaging,” however clients underneath particular age require some direction on wellbeing and protection on the off chance that they will utilize it.

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